Murata Machinery USA Introduces New Fiber Laser Website

July 17, 2014 in Sculpture by Abashley Barnett

1888 PressRelease – Murata Machinery USA, Inc. has launched a new website to promote the Muratec LS3015FC Fiber Laser, a fiber laser machine for manufacturing operations that require high-precision sheet metal processing.

Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC – Murata Machinery USA, Inc., a world leader in the manufacture and design of high-productivity metal fabrication machines and automation, has launched, a new website featuring its fiber laser for manufacturing operations that require high-precision sheet metal processing.

The Muratec LS3015FC Fiber Laser offers an unrivaled combination of speed and accuracy. The new website demonstrates how Muratec has taken laser processing to the cutting edge of technology.

Featured on are the Muratec LS3015FC Fiber Laser’s specifications and capabilities, answers to frequently asked questions, and the ability for customers to request a demo of the system. Visitors to the site will see how Muratec’s proprietary technology integrates hardware and software for advanced performance in precision, control and automation. On-site videos demonstrate the LS3015FC’s fiber laser cutting process.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd., Kyoto, Japan and is comprised of four divisions – Machine Tools, made up of Turning and Fabrication business units, Logistics and Automation, Clean Factory Automation and Textiles. From its headquarters in Charlotte, NC, Murata Machinery USA, Inc.’s Fabrication business unit specializes in applications, service and sales of turret punch presses, fiber lasers and automation for those machines. The Muratec dealer network throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico also distributes and services the complete line of Muratec turret punch presses, automated stockers, loaders, and sorting equipment.

For additional information on the Muratec LS3015FC Fiber Laser, call 800‑428‑8469 or visit

Small Business Growth Alliance SBGA Members Enrolled in Payroll Services Program See Outstanding Savings

July 16, 2014 in Business by Andrew Alexander

1888PressRelease – On average, SBGA Payroll Services saves members over $1,900 annually when compared to big name competitors. When you add in the free direct deposit for all employees, free federal and state compliance posters for the workplace, and ability to run payroll as many times as you need a month for one flat fee, the savings grow exponentially.

SBGA Payroll Services is an incredible value-added program that the Small Business Growth Alliance has introduced to its members. This program offers all the tools that a business owner needs to not only pay their employees, but also handle their quarterly and annual payroll taxes with simplicity, ease, and guaranteed accuracy. In addition to the campaign for no more fines, members enrolled in the program are already seeing hundreds of dollars in savings.

“Our system is the same as top payroll providers, but with the ease and simplicity that comes with award-winning customer service and us doing the setup work for members,” the project manager for the Payroll Services program explained. “It’s all about making the lives of business owners easier. The fact that we’re saving them money doesn’t hurt either.”

Business owners nationwide are taking advantage of the savings they’re receiving by enrolling as members of SBGA Payroll Services. A dentist in the Midwest has been keeping $87.48 extra each month ever since moving away from their payroll service provider – and that’s on the low end of the savings spectrum! A car dealer on the east coast is saving over $222 every month ever since SBGA helped put them on the best program for their business.

About the Small Business Growth Alliance
Building off nearly two decades of experience, the Small Business Growth Alliance SBGA is a leading provider of back office solutions to businesses throughout the United States. SBGA Alliance Partners have been recognized by Inc. Magazine, have received the coveted President’s Award and are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau. SBGA provides members with essential products, services and educational resources that allow business owners to successfully address essential business needs – from internet marketing, search engine optimization and electronic payments to payroll and accounting services, SBGA offers the very best in total back office management solutions.

For Additional Information, Contact:
Small Business Growth Alliance
(800) 899-SBGA
publicrelations ( @ ) SBGA dot com

foodtweeks(TM) Supports Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties to Prompt Donations to Food Insecure

July 15, 2014 in Health Care by Andrew Alexander

1888 PressRelease – Free App Assists Food Banks By Providing Weight Management Skills and Feeding Hungry Families.

STAMFORD, CT – foodtweeks™ announced that the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties in San Jose, CA has joined the ranks of foodtweeks™-affiliated food banks. The free app that donates calories to food banks in exchange for better food choices continues to grow network of affiliated food banks.

In order to donate, a foodtweeks™ user reports “tweeking” (cutting calories from their food), and Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties will receive donations from foodtweeks™. These donations will enable the food bank to distribute an equal number of nutritious calories to hungry families. This support for food banks comes at no cost to the user.

foodtweeks™ makes it possible for weight-conscious consumers to serve the hungry in their community. By doing something as simple as making a choice suggested by the app, foodtweeks™ users will save calories from their favorite foods in an easy, enjoyable way. Making a difference for families in the San Jose community has become as simple as taking control of the way food is prepared and the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties will receive a donation.

“Second Harvest is delighted to work with foodtweeks to enable consumers to support our mission to provide food to people in need in our community in a fun and effortless way, while also consuming fewer calories on a daily basis,” said Kathy Jackson, CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. “And foodtweeks aligns with our goal to promote healthy communities. A couple days of tweeking allows us to provide a full nutritious meal to a hungry person.”

When eating out, grocery shopping or making a meal at home, users have the ability to make small changes that benefit them and the community. By posting a “tweek” on Facebook or Twitter, each donation will be doubled or even tripled, and raise awareness for the cause. Not surprisingly, foodtweeks™ is a product of Walker Health Labs, a company dedicated to designing commercial solutions that also make a difference for big social problems.

“foodtweeks™ is proud and excited to support Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties ,” said Elisa Shannon, foodtweeks™ Executive Vice President of Partnership Development. “Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties is a highly committed and respected organization that provides outstanding service to food-insecure members of our community.”

foodtweeks™ offers a unique and easy way to make better choices with their nutrition. It is as simple as telling the app what food they are thinking of buying, eating or preparing and the app will display images of suggested “tweeks” that remove enough calories to make a positive difference but without changing the taste or leaving users hungry.

By maintaining a crowdsourced picture database of more than 44,000 small changes or “tweeks”, foodtweeks™ shows users how to save calories on everything from a particular brand of cheeseburger at a national restaurant chain to lasagna made at home.

foodtweeks™ is rapidly expanding its partner-base to food banks all across the nation, with more joining each week, according to Ms. Shannon, herself a former food bank executive. Food banks that wish to affiliate with foodtweeks™ may contact Ms. Shannon by email at elisa ( @ ) foodtweeks dot com

Jay Walker, the inventor of foodtweeks™, is also the chairman of Patent Properties and curator of TEDMED, the health and medicine edition of the famous TED conference. A noted entrepreneur, Mr. Walker has founded three companies that serve more than 50 million customers. He is best known as the creator of Priceline, which brought a new level of value to the travel industry.

Women Truck Leasing Executives No Longer a Rarity

July 15, 2014 in Trucks by Andrew Alexander

1888 Press Release – Sandy Hakes, President and Owner of Williams NationaLease, says business and leadership skills are what make a successful trucking executive – not his or her gender.

Things have come a long way since Sandy Hakes first sat in meetings of trucking executives as the only woman in the room. Today Hakes – President and Owner of Williams NationaLease – said the ranks of top women executives in the trucking industry are growing. “Yes, some men are still surprised when they see a woman trucking company owner, but there’s no negativity involved,” she said during an interview with NationaLease staff.

NationaLease, the North American organization of full service truck leasing companies, is running a series on “Women in Trucking” in the months ahead and chose Hakes as its first woman to profile.

“The entire trucking industry, including the full service leasing business, is changing. Some of the older company owners are retiring and now their daughters feel free to enter the business when it used to be only sons,” Hakes said. “It’s really great not to be the only woman in the room anymore.”

Hakes took over Williams NationaLease in 1998 when her father retired. Since then, the company has expanded to three locations: two in Illinois and one in Indiana. Less than 10 years after Hakes took over the helm, the company was awarded the American Trucking Associations’ President’s Top Trophy for Safety and a few years later, Hakes was named Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women.

In the interview, Hakes talks about raising her two daughters who are now in the business with her, and the issues of balancing work and family. She states that her daughters have their own style of working and, as she says, “They’ll manage in a different way and I have faith in them to make the company bigger, better and stronger.”

When asked what advice she would give to other women who want to enter the industry, Hakes provided some thoughts. “Hang in there. Don’t give up. Don’t be intimidated. This really is a great industry with a lot of camaraderie. We look out for one another. But it’s a lot of work. I tell my daughters that we work with pennies in this business (.01 cents per mile). But if you add up all those miles and all those pennies, you can have a successful business.”

To read the full interview, visit

About NationaLease
Founded in 1944, NationaLease is one of the largest full service truck leasing organizations in North America, with over 600 service locations throughout the U.S. and Canada and a combined customer fleet of over 125,000 tractors, trucks, and trailers. The company provides comprehensive fleet management services for private fleets and transportation service providers. More information can be found at

Improving Your Helpdesk Customer Service

July 14, 2014 in Information Technology by Erika Chitty

At the heart of most businesses is the efficiency and capability of their customer service. Consumers often rate a company on how well it deals with enquiries and complaints, and often a poor service can seriously damage a business’s credibility and standing, something which is difficult to recover from.

Nowhere is this more evident than with IT support. Like most people you want to contact someone and get the right answer. If your business has an IT issue, and there is no one to solve it, that can mean staff sitting around and not doing the job they are supposed to do.

How a Helpdesk Should Perform

There are a number of basic services a good customer service helpdesk should provide:

  • Answering the phone in the right way, polite and ready to help.

  • Easy access to the right expert advice.

  • Clear explanations on why something is being done.

  • Knowledge of the problem – there’s nothing worse than a helpdesk that doesn’t read what has gone on before or does not make sufficient notes in the first place and starts asking you the same old questions again and again.

  • Being able to escalate the problem to the right expert.

  • Taking ownership – you want to be dealing with the same technician ideally, rather than being pushed from person to person.

Ways to Improve Helpdesk Customer Service

A helpdesk is nothing if it does not seek to improve. There are a number of ways that good companies should be keeping on top of things particularly when it comes to customer service.

First of all, they have to make sure that the helpdesk staff are up-to-date with all the latest issues and know how to handle them. With something like IT support, where things can change quickly, this requires regular initiatives to ensure the customer gets the right answer and access to the appropriate expert advice.

Another way to ensure your helpdesk is up to scratch is to survey your customers and ask their advice. This can be done by a follow up call or email and helps you find what works and what needs to be improved.

Other helpful ways to track the success or otherwise of your helpdesk is to monitor phone calls and to retrain staff when necessary.

Getting the Best IT Support

One of the bug bears for those who outsource their IT infrastructure is the level of support received when there is a problem or issue. At M2 Computing our helpdesk is based in the UK and manned by skilled IT technicians who will have access to your systems and will be able to provide the advice you need and want.

Our helpline staff provide jargon free advice for any problem associated with your network whether it is a PC problem, server or any other device. Many problems can be solved by accessing your system remotely but if that can’t be done then an expert will be despatched to deal with the issue onsite.

Our M2 Assist facility provides the support you need to make sure your systems are up and running properly and we can tailor our service to meet your very individual business needs.


 I am Erika Chitty. I work for M2Computing in Operations & Sales support. M2 Computing is the best IT support service provider in South East, United Kingdom.  For further information please visit

Noble Capital Releases May 2014 Loan Portfolio Results

July 8, 2014 in Business by Andrew Alexander

1888 PressRelease – Noble Capital releases its May 2014 loan portfolio results showing an increase of 10.48% from its previous month.

Austin-San Marcos, TX – Noble Capital has released its May 2014 loan portfolio results, showing another record breaking month.

The results show that the Texas based private money lending company has grown its loan portfolio to a new record, finishing at just under $50,000,000 in loans. This result represents a 10.48% increase over the prior month.

Noble Capital originates and services loan opportunities to its private lender network, where members are able to earn a high yield on those loans secured by Texas real estate. Through its wholly owned subsidiary named Streamline Funding, they identify borrowers that are qualified and ready to take on the responsibility of one of these types of short term real estate loans.

“We are seeing healthy origination levels for new loans, and we anticipate this trend to continue into the strong real estate market within Texas,” Chris Marroquin, Regional Production Manager, Streamline Funding.

Year to date results show that Noble Capital has increased its loan portfolio by more than 35%.

“It’s been a real pleasure working with new members in our Private Lender Network. They get to see exactly what we do at our seminars and orientations. We spend a lot of time and energy on education and really enjoy the relationships that come with our Lenders as they join our family,” Chris Ragland, COO, Noble Capital.

May also saw the only REO in Noble Capital’s portfolio refinanced into a new loan resulting in a 100% REO free portfolio for the Private Lender Network, another first for the company since launching the Private Lender Network in 2011.

“Even when one of our Borrower has issues on a loan, we are, in most instances, able to work out a solution that doesn’t take anything away from the Lender’s security. And when we do have to foreclose on property, the asset is valued in such a way that we are quickly able to march through our disposition process,” Grady Collins, CFO, Noble Capital.

For more information about Noble Capital, please visit

About Noble Capital:

Noble Capital was formed in 2004 to service & manage lender relationships, and has successfully participated in over 400 transactions. The Noble Capital Private Lender Network is an informal group of individuals who fund short term, first lien mortgage loans serviced by Noble Capital through borrowers provided by Streamline Funding. The mission of Noble Capital is to be Texas’ premiere Private Real Estate Lending Platform, providing quality lending opportunities (8-10% interest secured by Texas real estate) to members of their Private Lender Network.

Best Insulating Glass Replacement in Laurel MD.

July 7, 2014 in Home Improvement by mac heal

Insulated Glass, often called double glazing, is a combination of two or more panes of glass spaced apart with a spacer bar and hermetically sealed with a primary and secondary sealant to form a single unit with one or more air spaces in between.

Got a beautiful store and have a very good business running? Windows add architectural distinction and beauty to a building, but if the windows are not properly insulated, or when the insulation begins to break down, they can quickly turn into eyesores. Unfortunately, once the breakdown of insulated windows begins, there’s not a lot that can be done to rectify it; but maintaining proper upkeep of healthy windows will go a long way toward postponing the eventual loss of their functional and aesthetic properties.

The biggest problem however is the maintenance of the glass windows because they are the most vulnerable aspect of home decoration. Generally, problems of breakage, crack developing or glass getting soft due to wear and tear and weather conditions makes the glass vulnerable.

We can save the windows and glasses from damage due to children or other such similar factors which can be dealt from our end as people who are residing. The problem however exists when we need to protect our glass windows from natural calamities – specifically strong winds, lightning strikes or storms. These are the kind of factors on which we do not have any control.

With Professional Glass Window Services, we can solve such a problem of broken window glass repairs. We specialize in broken window glasses, Insulated glass repair replacement, emergency board-up services in Alexandria VA. Any kind of glass related issues can be solved by us by replacing and repairing the damages ones which are affected due to natural and human factors.
One of the biggest enemies of thermal breakdown in windows is exposure to direct sunlight. Heat causes both the glass and the seals to expand and contract. Eventually, the seal will crack and moisture will get in. Insulated windows are not as susceptible to impact as single-pane glass unless they have already been compromised by a weak seal. However, once the seal has been compromised and the window begins to fog, the only solution is window replacement unless you want to live with a fogged window that’s not providing insulation.

Professional Glass Window Services is one of the finest glass repair and replacement agencies in Virginia. If you have any issues or problems persisting to the glass and the décor of your commercial building then you would be doing well by selecting Professional Glass Window Services. The experts are keen to help you out to select the best glasses for your store.

Professional Glass Window Services is specialist in Insulated Glass Replacement Laurel MD and providing the best services across the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. We have professional technicians who are ready to serve our customers 24/7. We serve on holidays, weekends too. They are just away from your one call.

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