Crakmedia has accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge!

October 25, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment by Abashley Barnett

1888 PressRelease – The web marketing company Crakmedia has accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The challenge, which calls for the dumping of water on one’s head to raise awareness and raise money for the fight against ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” has been all the buzz around the Internet in the last few weeks. This progressive neurodegenerative disease attacks the nervous system, affecting the nerve cells in the brain.

Crakmedia will donate $20 for every Crakmedia employee who takes part in this challenge, which also happens to be for a fantastic cause. However, to do things differently, Crakmedia will not be nominating other companies for the challenge, but rather, famous and influential figures that have been fortunate enough to live long, healthy, ALS-free lives thus far: The Pope, Queen Elizabeth, and Hugh Hefner.

Thanks to the mass participation of employees (50 staff members) Crakmedia will donate $1000 to the ALS Association – a nice contribution to the cause.

Crakmedia strongly supports charity and encourages everyone to donate to this cause. The company hopes by nominating some of these international, influential leading figures, that additional awareness will be raised.

Crakmedia Network is a company specializing in multimedia and e-commerce. Generating over 20 billion impressions monthly, its main areas of interest are contextual advertising and web development. For more information on Crakmedia, please visit

Enlivening Your Spirit With Functional Training-A Way Of Life

October 22, 2014 in Health & Fitness by Michael Lumb

Physical Training is indeed a way of life for those who have reaped its ceaseless benefits. We are not talking about fitness crunches or terrific regimes to increase muscles or body tonality, but focusing on a very important aspect, which is central to your fitness regime. An unfit person cannot do gym in the proper sense of the term. You need to train to become physically and mentally fit. It changes your belief and the way you perceive exercise. There are concerned companies that design workouts, which help you in attaining your fitness objectives. They create an adaptable and flexible approach that helps in integrating fitness modules into your regular routine.

The prime objective

It can be military, sports or Functional Training. The motive is to help you to come out from the yoke of traditional gym membership, which is subscription based. The gamut provides a memorable and immersive fitness experience, which is result-driven, dynamic, cost-effective and time-efficient. The training philosophy constitutes memberships in a 3 month segment. They confine the allocated sessions and timetable to only nine persons per class. The main objective is to ensure that each person is supervised during the concerned lifting movements.

The nit-grid

It also enables many people to adapt and progress to a devised training program on a collective basis. The conditioning and strength program includes 4-week, pre set sessions, which includes a lot of emphasis on education of movement, technique, progression and perfecting the applied technique before you absorb it into your regimen. Day 1 would begin with military based training, where individuals get a dedicated program and course for completing in a fast manner. The focus on this day is to enhance mental focus, muscular endurance, high intensity training results and low impact.

The follow-up

Before the strength and conditioning part, you have primal or functional training. Here, every session varies in volume, intensity, difficulty and distance. It involves a lot of balance, running, pushing, throwing and climbing. It helps to incorporate power and vigor into one fold, which enhances your life’s functional movement in totality. You also have lots of fun and enjoyment, which is envisaged by the odd aspect of uncertainty of how you feel towards the end of every session. Day 5 is totally optional as you have fundamentals, education and outdoor training. It is for the committed and unrelenting person who just wants more. Besides, you have a Transformation Program, which complies with the month-wise training process and methodologies.

Epiclifestyle Provide the Transformation Program is designed to manage your life style. The Transformation Program is greatly rewarding and enriching life-changing experience.

How To Connect Two Dedicated Servers To Operate In Unison

October 21, 2014 in Web Hosting by Jacob Wangru

Any connection involving two or additional laptop units is often known as a community.  Networks are primarily accustomed to facilitate the sharing of computing solutions involving any phone numbers of customers.  The distance amongst the solutions within the network is normally accustomed to define the style of network.  You can find Massive Spot Networks or LANs which are generally inside of precisely the same building or locale including education or hospital.   The expanse among desktops and options just isn’t extremely essential.  Wide Region Networks cover a bigger place that could cover a whole city or city.   You will discover many methods via which computing options are networked.  It will generally rely to the type of community as well because the hardware capabilities of the devices in issue.  Cables, wireless devices and community cards are normally used in placing collectively the networks.

When two computing options which are equal to one another are networked as would occur with two devoted servers, this really is called an equal to same community.  On this setup, the devices might be hosting computing solutions for the other and in several circumstances they’ll each and every be hosting means which are shared involving them.   Also you can determine to community committed hosts servers with the functions of backing up information.   Apart from your reason for networking your servers, you will find several options which might be obtainable.  A network cable is probably the most common hyperlink by means of which focused servers which are inside same building like a knowledge center are connected.

With this you may get a really risk-free website link amongst your devoted servers. It also has an extra gain since it will not use up extra bandwidth which makes it an incredibly expense powerful choice.

Nevertheless, dedicated servers which might be positioned far from 1 a different will need a distinct form of back link. A devoted leased line is the best choice with this circumstance.  It delivers the security of data and supplies substantial speeds.  This form of setup is the most effective for circumstances wherever the focused servers are linked with a WAN.   With this situation, employing a network cable isn’t a practical alternative. The networking on focused servers becoming done might be amongst the major office environment along with a branch from the same town or city. Utilizing the leased line in this kind of a predicament will produce the company several advantages as they won’t only network the devoted servers but also have further conversation added benefits.

Especially when it involves configuration and settings, networking devoted servers needs a amount of specialized skill.  If you happen to be utilizing managed dedicated servers, you will not have a trouble as your services company ought to very easily offer the expert services you involve.   Nevertheless, all those that have their very own hosting will involve seeking out specialized aid if these are not totally skilled in networking.   Nevertheless, networking in excess of a focused leased line will most from the time engage the provider in the leased line.

Revamping Your Fitness Fanaticism With Obstacle Course Training Perth

October 21, 2014 in Health & Fitness by Michael Lumb

Fitness and health aspirations drive all and sundry. There are many ways and avenues to enhance your fitness gamut. Different fitness centers employ different techniques and methodologies to get the job done. A very important aspect in this regard is that trainers and harbingers of fitness tailor the programs in accordance with the varying and dynamic needs from a wide client base. For example, you have perpetual military style exercise and assault courses, which thrive on on-site venues. The beautiful and captivating rustic ambience bolsters the program. Designed by industry stalwarts and inspired by successive novelties over the years, the courses are challenging and tight.

The course gamut

You have fun and intense courses, which can out you to the test, irrespective of your fitness level. Obstacle Course Training Perth is one such scintillating experience. There are specialized lifestyle centers that provide this training in their outdoors. You can exercise at your convenience and pace. Getting competitive and fast is the new directive here. You will find that finding a place to train or a gym under one roof, which houses an obstacle training ambit, is quite an uphill task. You have devised firms that are specifically designed for adventurous and effervescent people who love to train outdoors.

The training part

It is quite an elementary fact that in today’s rapidly developing society; personal trainers have become a worn-out idea. People are constantly looking for newer ways and avenues. With Personal Training Perth, you have an enhanced health gamut where leading stalwarts involve themselves in overseeing and guiding your fitness regime. It transcends beyond personal training because there are different aspects that can mold your conditioning program. Conditioning is an integral fixture, which includes strength, power and endurance exercises alongside lifting weights, cardio training, interval training, exercise adaptation and a faster, stronger, bigger metabolic chart.

The weight loss initiative

Your movement, self care, food choices, self management and eating behaviors are also crucial in this regard. With reference to the Weight Loss Program Perth, you have companies that know the root cause behind obesity and overweight junctures, which are increasing at a fast rate. New theories keep emerging out to suggest newer objectives. The programs stress on the negative calorie intake and balance, which means you have to consume less calories than what you burn in order to lose weight. There are programs like arm pump riding alongside Moto-cross bikes, boot camps, cross fits and CRE8 classes that help you in this regard. These healthy programs help you in gaining a negative balance, which includes a healthy diet and fitness.

Epiclifestyle Provide the weight loss program Perth specialists are here for you at Epic Lifestyle. Our Weight Loss Program is proven to help lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Charter NEX Films receives awards from NASA

October 21, 2014 in Writing & Speaking by Andrew Alexander

Duluth, MN-WI – Charter NEX Films, Inc. received two awards from NASA today. The awards were part of the 2013 NASA Agency Honor Awards.

The Group Achievement Award was given in recognition for involvement with the 2012/2013 Antarctic Long Duration Balloon Campaign for NASA’s Balloon Program. Charter NEX Films was named as part of the team in this successful campaign. Recipients of this award include personnel from NASA, the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility, Aerostar, and Charter NEX Films.

The Silver Achievement Medal was given to Charter NEX Films in recognition of the production of exceptional quality balloon film for the NASA Balloon Program.

“The Silver Achievement Medal award is very special. In some ways it crosses over with the successful 2012/2013 Antarctic campaign, but it is a targeted award specifically for Charter NEX Films,” says Henry Cathey, Jr., engineer with New Mexico State Universities, Physical Science Laboratory. “It is singular recognition of the quality of your product and the dedication of your staff. Only a very select group of Silver Achievement Medals are presented each year from the many applicants. I think these awards speak for themselves on the importance of Charter NEX towards the NASA Balloon Programs success.”

“We are proud to be recognized by NASA for our achievements working together to make their High Altitude Weather Balloon projects such a success. The employees of Charter NEX are the best in the industry and deserve this prestigious award which highlights our commitment to quality and customer service,” said Chris Trapp, President and COO.

NASA’s Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility (CSBF) uses Charter NEX film for Super Pressure Balloons and Zero Pressure Balloons.

Charter NEX Films manufactures coextruded, barrier, and monolayer blown films for a wide variety of high-performance packaging applications from their manufacturing facilities in Milton, Rhinelander, and Superior, Wisconsin and Turners Falls, Massachusetts.

Brian Beuning
Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing
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+1 612-961-8429

Erin Makela
Marketing Communications Specialist
1901 Winter Street, Superior, WI 54880
+1 715-395-8258

CMS Announces External SSD Solutions for PC’s

October 21, 2014 in Outdoors by Abashley Barnett

1888 Press Release – Ultra-Fast, Rugged and Secure External Storage for PC’s.

Aliso Viejo, CA – CMS Products, Inc. (, a leading innovator in data backup, encryption and security technology, today announced the availability of their CE Secure DiskVault SSD’s. These encrypted drives provide Enterprises, SMB’s and PC users with state of the art, ultra-fast, secure external storage.

Available in models up to 960GB, CE Secure DiskVault SSD drives include CMS Traveler software for activating the encrypted drive’s advanced security features. The DiskVault drives are OPAL compliant and can be managed by Enterprise encryption management systems.

“As businesses look to meet current and emerging regulatory requirements, choosing the right encryption methodology can be daunting,” said Ken Burke, President, CMS Products, Inc. “Our CE Secure DiskVault SSD solution makes it easy to securely store and manage data on our OPAL compliant SED’s.”

As businesses move mission-critical data between appliances, they must consider legal and compliance regulations in their respective industries. For many organizations, transferring data is legally required to be in compliance with data protection standards both internally (on a computer) and externally (on a storage device). CMS’s new DiskVault SSD Solution helps ensure that organizations meet regulations like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and more by protecting data externally while it is at rest or in transit. CMS’s comprehensive line of secure products offer businesses compliant, easy-to-use solutions for protecting their data.

About the Opal Standard
The Opal standard was created by the Trusted Computing Group, a consortium of more than 100 companies that collectively develop, define and promote vendor-neutral security standards. This standard is designed to ensure interoperability across vendors, technologies and platforms.

About CMS Products
Established in 1983, CMS Products, Inc. is a leading innovator in data backup, encryption and security technology for business users and consumers. CMS’s products are sold in more than 90 countries, with installation of more than four million units worldwide.
CMS Products offers an extensive line of personal computer security products including “Management Ready” encrypted USB flash drives, external encrypted USB hard drives, solid state drives and encryption software. Additional CMS offers a Disaster Recovery solutions, including external hard drives that provides system recovery and backup software which creates a full system recovery that can be used to restart a failed computer. For more information: or

For Media Queries:
Charles Hohman
Marketing Director
(714) 424-5520
chohman ( @ ) cmsproducts dot com

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd – Need of Skill Development Initiatives in Urban Clusters

October 18, 2014 in Business by Anand Kumar

India is home to approximately 67 per cent of the population living under $2 a day. Poverty is widespread in India and is a predominantly a rural phenomena. However, people migrate from the rural areas to the urban in search of livelihood opportunities and it becomes important to provide them skill development trainings to uplift them out of poverty. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. understands for a developing country, skill and knowledge are drivers of economic and social growth. India is expected to be home of 500 million skill workers by 2022 which seems to be a difficult task. In order to achieve both the targets of economic growth and inclusive development, India needs to grow at more than 8 per cent. This means the secondary and tertiary sectors grows at 10 to 11 per cent, assuming agriculture grows at 4 per cent. Therefore, the demand for skilled workers in the secondary and tertiary sector will continue to rise in the coming years. This is good sign when every year 12 million people is expected to join the existing workforce.

Considering the fact that 12 million people are expected to join makes skill development in India an uphill task. This large workforce needs to be adequately skilled. This also means people migrating from primary to secondary or tertiary sector when the required set of skills is different from that of agriculture. This leaves a skill gap. Despite the ITIs and other govt. institutions, there is lack of infrastructure to formally train the workforce. Out of the present workforce of more than 450 million only 8 to 9 per cent are engaged in organized sector. In India, only about 5 per cent of the workforce has marketable skills, as compared to 50 per cent to 60 per cent in other countries.

India needs to take advantage of its demographic dividend and that can only happen when we achieve the target of 25 per cent of the work force with formal skills by the end of 2017. It is estimated that 50 –70 million jobs will be created in India over the next five years and about 75 per cent – 90 per cent of these additional employment avenues will require some vocational training. Looking at the demand of skilled man power there is a need to facilitate skill development trainings to the marginalized people in urban clusters. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. suggests this will reduce the skill gap and match the demand of workforce with adequate skills for employment in SMEs. Enhancement in skill development will ensure more income flows to the local economy which will in return ensure increase in consumption levels and boost the growth rate of secondary and tertiary sectors.

Resource: Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is associated with Health organizations for their CSR activities across India. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is working in development sector.

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Make Your Kids Go For Outdoor Kids Activities In Perth

October 14, 2014 in Health & Fitness by Michael Lumb

Kids should always keep on moving, and it is the responsibility of every parent to make sure that their kids are active. They should maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay away from illnesses. However, in the context of Kids Activities in Perth, there are several options available. It is up to you to decide the activities that you will make your kids go for so that they can grab complete fun and enjoyment from it. Planning some outdoor and nature-friendly activities for your kids is an excellent idea. There are various things that you can plan out for your kid.

Keeping Your Family Fit:

When you plan any outdoor Sports Training activity for your kid, it helps you, as well. This is because you can participate in the same to encourage your kid. This will pave the way towards the fitness of your family. One of the most common activities that you can join in this context is Rock Climbing Perth. In the recent years, the popularity of rock climbing has increased to a great extent. It is one of the best exercises that you and your kids can go for in order to stay healthy, fit and active.

Joining A Group:

If you want, you can always join a group for rock climbing or other activities. This is helpful in the sense that there are groups that conduct frequent programs. Hence, you need not plan the program separately. Moreover, the excitement of participating in a group outdoor activity is always more compared to moving alone. Therefore, you and your kids will always find inspiration to continue these outdoor programs for staying healthy and fit. You will just have to make sure that you select the right program in order to elevate the level of your fitness. Nothing is better than this.

Selecting Other Options:

There are other options for fitness programs, as well. One of them is Bouldering Perth WA. The popularity of this program has increased to a great extent, and it is a good idea to go for these programs. However, it is important to note that, in order to go for this program, you will require proper training from professionals. There are again innumerable ways by means of which you can Obstacle Course Training Perth. Based on your level of fitness and energy, you will have to obtain training so that you can go for the same. Thus, it will help you a lot.

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