Make Your Kids Go For Outdoor Kids Activities In Perth

October 14, 2014 in Health & Fitness by Michael Lumb

Kids should always keep on moving, and it is the responsibility of every parent to make sure that their kids are active. They should maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay away from illnesses. However, in the context of Kids Activities in Perth, there are several options available. It is up to you to decide the activities that you will make your kids go for so that they can grab complete fun and enjoyment from it. Planning some outdoor and nature-friendly activities for your kids is an excellent idea. There are various things that you can plan out for your kid.

Keeping Your Family Fit:

When you plan any outdoor Sports Training activity for your kid, it helps you, as well. This is because you can participate in the same to encourage your kid. This will pave the way towards the fitness of your family. One of the most common activities that you can join in this context is Rock Climbing Perth. In the recent years, the popularity of rock climbing has increased to a great extent. It is one of the best exercises that you and your kids can go for in order to stay healthy, fit and active.

Joining A Group:

If you want, you can always join a group for rock climbing or other activities. This is helpful in the sense that there are groups that conduct frequent programs. Hence, you need not plan the program separately. Moreover, the excitement of participating in a group outdoor activity is always more compared to moving alone. Therefore, you and your kids will always find inspiration to continue these outdoor programs for staying healthy and fit. You will just have to make sure that you select the right program in order to elevate the level of your fitness. Nothing is better than this.

Selecting Other Options:

There are other options for fitness programs, as well. One of them is Bouldering Perth WA. The popularity of this program has increased to a great extent, and it is a good idea to go for these programs. However, it is important to note that, in order to go for this program, you will require proper training from professionals. There are again innumerable ways by means of which you can Obstacle Course Training Perth. Based on your level of fitness and energy, you will have to obtain training so that you can go for the same. Thus, it will help you a lot.

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Tasawwuf is a science of hâl (status)

October 14, 2014 in Islam, Spirituality by Dr. Ismail Ulukus

Dear Readers,

Tasawwuf is a science of hâl. “Hâl” is an Arabic word and it means “status” in English. Science of Hâl means learning a status by living. Therefore, Tasawwuf cannot be learned from the books. It is learned by doing and experiencing. The states that will be experienced here are the spiritual states and behaviors that were ordered by Allah (swt) in Qur’an, experienced in detail by Rasulullah (Allah’s messenger Hz. Muhammad), and advised to be experienced to all humanity. They are called Sirat-i mustaqim (the right way, the true path) in Qur’an. “Sirat-i mustaqim” is the complete good behaviors, manners, and morals that advance people to salvation, goodness, and benefaction in real world and Hereafter. It is the light that enlightens the humanity. This divine mercy prevents people to be in conditions lower than the animals, and make them true human. As it reached to its maximum maturity level in the last messenger, it is also called “The light of Muhammad”. In fact, all Prophets lived these sample manners since Adam (pbuh). Rasulullah summarized this state as follows at different times:

“The believer can do anything wrong but he cannot betray nor lie”[Ibni Ebi Seybe, Bezzar]

“Ethics is going to the ones who don’t come, giving to the ones who don’t give, and forgiving the cruel people.”[Taberani]

“None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.”[Bukhari]

“Allah does not look at your appearance or your possessions; but He looks at your heart and your deeds!”[Muslim]

“The worst servant of Allah is the one who hurts and harms people.”[Islam Ahlaqi]

“The most beloved one and closest to me amongst you in the Hereafter is the one with the best temper.” [Riyazu's-Salihin]

“You may, demolish even the Kaaba, but do not break a person’s heart.”[Islam Ilmihali]

Although they are mentioned in different ways; in fact the meaning here is single and unique: Being on the Sirat-i mustaqim. Being true, right, fair, and frank. All of these are possible with a strong “faith“, and “sincerity in the worship”, namely “ikhlas“.

Tasawwuf is not mentioning them frequently but experiencing them sincerely.
# Tasawwuf is a science of status. It can only be achieved by experiencing

Dear Readers,

Tasawwuf is a science of status. It can only be achieved by experiencing. The status to be experienced is the status of Rasulullah. It is not possible to understand Islam as a life style and appraise it without experiencing the religion clearly. Of course, it is important to learn Islam through Fiqh (Islamic laws) books and know Allah (Swt), the creator of the material and spiritual worlds accordingly. However, it is like a doctor’s knowing malaria without experiencing it and this knowledge always has something missing. The events having multiple effects cannot be learnt by the books. They can be learned through experiencing. Can a person know the real meaning of fire unless he experiences a fire with some burns despite the fact that he knows the fire burns and gives pain? How can people know drowning without being drowned? How can a person understand the others having a traffic accident with damaged organs without experiencing it?

Dear readers, the practical knowledge is prior to theoretical knowledge because the former is achieved by the whole spirit of the people. When people learn something through their experiences, they comprehend the hundreds of the material and spiritual realities of the phenomenon together, as a whole, and in the same time. It is a state that covers all of bodies and spirits, and the results of them reflect accordingly in our hearts.
# The heart is the mirror of our bodies and spirits

As you can remember from my article named “Understanding the Heart”, heart is just like the mirror of our bodies and spirits. The knowledge emerged through in both of them reflect to our heart sometimes as visible images by our consciousness and sometimes as complicated spiritual phenomenon by our unconscious mind. The heart is a focal point where the entire spiritual events take place. However, all material and spiritual events reflect the heart, the knowledge, ideas, feelings, and thoughts of our heart affect our body and spirit with a feedback. That is why the heart nurturing is very important for a Muslim. Rasulullah (s.a.w) ordered that:

“Beware! There is a piece of flesh in the body if it becomes good (reformed) the whole body becomes good but if it gets spoilt the whole body gets spoilt and that is the heart.” [Bukharî]

As the reflections and echoes emerge at the heart, Tasawwuf is a science of heart at the same time. Knowing Allah (Swt) by heart can only be possible through experiencing Tasawwuf, the science of state, meaning and core of the religion, in accordance with the wishes of Creator and in the sense that He intended. Is it possible to understand Allah (Swt) who is the owner of the material and spiritual order truly, unless one experiences the religion of Allah by being dependent to a Murshid-i Kamil according to the divine orders?.. The most accurate knowledge about Allah (swt) can be achieved through experiencing the realities of the material and spiritual orders that were created by Him, and with benefaction of Allah. This knowledge is a gift and benefaction achieved by a true belief by heart so it is called “Knowledge of Ledunni“. “Knowledge of Ledunni means the knowledge given by us”.(1) This knowledge cannot be achieved with the effort of the human. It can only be achieved by blessing and benefaction of Allah. The attempts of the people are only being sincere in their beliefs and works.
# Allah (swt) grants wisdom to anyone He wishes

It is ordered in the verses from the Qur’an that:

“He granteth wisdom to whom He pleaseth; and he to whom wisdom is granted receiveth indeed a benefit overflowing.”[Baqarah, 269]

“O ye who believe! if ye fear Allah, He will grant you a Criterion (to judge between right and wrong), remove from you (all) evil deeds you, and forgive you: for Allah is the Lord of Grace unbounded.”[Anfal, 29]

Rasulullah ordered in the Hadiths that:

“If a man eats lawful food for forty days, Allah illumines his heart and lets flow wisdom from his heart through his tongue”[Ebu Nuaym]

“The fear of Allah is the Beginning of Wisdom.”[Taberani]

“Wisdom is made up of ten parts—nine of which are silence, and the tenth is brevity of language.”[Beyheki]

“Allah illumines his heart with wisdom of whom fulfills Islam sincerely for forty days”[Ebu Nuaym]

As it can be understood by these hadits, the core of it is the halal food, the fear of Allah (takva), sincerity (within their works) and avoiding from unnecessary speech.
# The essence of Tasawwuf education is bay’ah (The oath of allegiance), cleaning of the nafs (ego) and purifying of the heart

However, each Awliya assigned by a divine order has a special method, the education of Tasawwuf is relied on 3 basic principles:

(1) Through bay’ah by depending on a Murshid-i Kamil representing Muhammad Rasulullah who had passed through this path and experienced the divine training, benefiting from his experiences and conversations;

(2) Cleaning his nafs under the supervision of this Murshid-i Kamil with Riyazat (avoiding the Islamic prohibitions) and Mudjahada (worshiping) by experiencing Islam according to the divine orders;

(3) Purifying his heart by refining it with zikr (remembering Allah) from all kinds of immoralities as harmful thoughts, arrogance, revenge and grudge, avoiding hypocrisy and pride, and being frank.

The more sincere the person is during this training, the faster the learning process is. The learning process is interrupted each time the fancy of the self is obeyed. As a result, if Allah (swt) wishes, the person will have an eye that sees everything through the light of Allah, a heart that is filled with love for every creature and a foresight that can distinguish the divine orders of Allah from the superstitions. He can comprehend the reality of Allah more correctly. The doubts on the existence of Allah and the religion He imposed disappear. Because of this sincere belief and trust, he has an invaluable devotion, approval, and trust in Allah with a relief and happiness. These people are called “man of heart” or “people of heart“. Like Dervish Yunus… Their benign and resigned state not only enables peace and serenity for themselves but also spread to anyone with them. The people accompanying them feel peaceful and relieved without any reasons. In fact, it is nothing but the human maturity in other words the visible form of the divine compassion of Allah that spread from heart to heart since Prophet Adam (pbuh).

May your hearts fill with peace. Be entrusted to Allah.


(1) Osman Nuri Topbas,İlim/Nedir?/

Personal Training Perth Enhancing Fitness Oriented Programs To The Zenith

October 12, 2014 in Health & Fitness by Michael Lumb

Personal training happens to be integral with your personal health especially in the midst of din, bustle and stress factors of this era. In the midst of so much of commotion you really need a personalized training program to be fit and steady. Personal training facilities which are actually available in Perth are conceptualized in a pragmatic manner. The very motto of these fitness training facilities is to encourage you towards healthy living. These training centers and gyms in Perth would make it sure that you get started after being through with proper assessment sessions. Here is a probe.

Fitness classes under professional supervision

The program is going to be successful only when you get the program vetted entirely by seasoned professionals. If you come to try out the facilities like personal training Perth then you would be really happy about the assessment facilities. You would get world class assessment after each session. Professional trainers here take so many things into consideration when it comes to assessment of your progress. They would specifically like to focus on proper measurement assessment. The main purpose of the assessment is to measure the body fat. Based on the findings they are going to prescribe some specific kinds of workouts which will prove to be helpful for you.

Quick progress

You really need a personalized training program to be fit and steady. The most important thing is progress and you can be sure of it when you get access to personal training facilities in Perth. Your fitness levels seem to be ravishingly astounding. In most cases the training sessions are based on postural analysis. This is why they become so successful in getting you out of your discomfiture. Apart from everything else you do need to take note of the kids activities in Perth. Gyms over here would give specific attention to rationalize as well as innovate activities which will make kids fit in real sense.

Increase in motivation and energy

Personal training programs and facilities make it a point to offer you a very steady increase in motivation and energy. Apart from hardcore weight training as well as cardiovascular workouts you will have access to other forms of exercises and activities. These workouts and activities will make it a point to get you complete relief from your sense of fatigue and replenish your strength levels. There are meditation classes, Reiki methods as well as other forms of exercises which mainly focus on inner healing. You can also focus on weight loss program Perth in order to get a help in your obese situation. Make it a point that you do not shun from the facts presented in this small periphery. Consider them to be the biggest boosting factor. is A connoisseur when it comes increasing motivation, energy and fitness. He has been writing for a long span of time on weight loss program Perth.

Best Quality services Commercial Glass Repair in Maryland

October 12, 2014 in Home & Family by mac heal

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The best way of decorating your store or commercial complex is giving it a touch of glass. Be it interior glass windows or simply the windows of your store, it all comes down to what kind of glass you are selecting for your store and what is the basic purpose behind it.
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Commercial Glass Repair Laurel MD is one of the finest services provided by the champions of Glass service industry. The fact is that they provide their services in major areas of Virginia and also in Washington and Maryland. So, if your office is in Leesburg and got a bad hit of nature – don’t worry experts are just one call away!
One thing that you should repair while installing glasses for your office is this – apart from natural factors that of course lead to degradation, there are man-made hazards also. An office is always a hub of one million activities, people running around and lots of work going on. So, if your office is having any threat from nature, then there are chances that it is as much facing a threat from people also who work there.
A constant exposure to wear and tear is the reason why glass accidents happen. However, in a charged up environment of so many people around, the risk only increases manifold. Even if they don’t have to break directly, if eatables and drinks also fall over it in a constant way, there are chances that the degradation increases rapidly. So, make sure that your glass is safe, not only for you but also for everybody around!

The spiritual leaders of the societies

October 12, 2014 in Islam, Spirituality by Dr. Ismail Ulukus

Dear Readers,

Of course, trying to understand Allah (swt) by means of intelligent and know all attributes and names of Him that are written in the Fiqh (Islamic Law) books are significant steps of Marifetullah (Gnosis). However, this knowledge is never enough for a sincere believer who wants to develop a close affinity to Allah (swt). This knowledge is completed only after knowing Allah (swt) by heart.

The third and the most important stage of Marifetullah is knowing Allah (swt) by heart. As Allah (swt) is known by heart, the belief reaches to stage of maturity. At this stage, the heart is freed from all questions and doubts, all the hesitations about the existence of Allah (swt) are disappeared, and the truth is appeared very clearly in the heart with all of its glory. Nobody can mislead a person who reached this stage in belief.


# Tasawwuf is the spirit and essence of the religion

Dear Readers,

The third stage of Marifetullah is achieved only by Tasawwuf training. Tasawwuf is the spirit and essence of the religion. Fiqh teaches the practical aspects of the religion which is called “sharia”. Tasawwuf teaches the spirit and essence behind the visible aspect, which means “the truth” of the religion. This invisible aspect of religion constitutes the bases and essences of Islam. A Muslim learns the formal methods of the religion, in other words, how to perform ablution and salaat, how to behave to their neighbors, points to taken into consideration during trade, by the fiqh training. Afterwards, he depends on a Murshid-i Kamil (an Islamic saint) representing Rasulullah (Allah’s messenger, Prophet Muhammad). With his talk and advices, under his supervision and discipline, he is enlightened with the spiritual lights of Rasulullah by internalizing them. He learns to be sincere at the prayers and divine services to understand Allah (swt) truly and to be a religious human being who has the fear of Allah (swt), passing through a nafs (ego) and heart training. Therefore, the visible-practical aspect and the invisible-spiritual aspect of the religion are in harmony and consistency. Thereby these two disciplines complement each other. One cannot be achieved without the other. If it is achieved, it doesn’t reflect the religion entirely.

Ensuring this integrity between the visible and invisible aspects of religion, i.e. the behavior of a person who identifies himself as a Muslim must be based on the ground of a strong belief and Muslims should know their Allah (swt) sufficiently having belief and avoiding sins, has a significant importance for our political, economic and social lives as well as our religious life. Considering any event of today, we see that the problems we face are because of our people’s not being sincere enough with their belief and that their lack of fear of Allah. The spread of the moral disorders such as shamelessness, immodesty, cheat, betrayal, breach of trust, hypocrisy, show off, denial of the debt, trick, extortion, bribery, acquiring wealth by the government’s resources are all because of the insincere belief and lack of fear of Allah (swt). Let’s think now, can a person, who knows Allah (swt) truly and believes in the Hereafter and that will be asked to account for all his actions, do such things?


#  The nafs and heart training have significant importance for the entire humanity

Therefore, nafs (ego) and heart training that achieved its goals have significant importance for the peace and well-being of both our society and the entire humanity. In the previous years, wise people, such as Yasawi, Yunus, Mawlana and Ahi Evren, achieved it and saved our society from such bad situations. Many people think that there are no spiritual leaders left in our times. This is an extremely wrong thought. Although our people’s trust for these spiritual leaders was destroyed as a result of false sheiks and mentors that were made out to form the society towards their political aims by exploiting their religious feelings and the precautions were taken by our government, in reality this spiritual education still continues. Divine mercy never disappears from Earth. Allah (swt) doesn’t discriminate His former and latter human beings. This thought is resulted from not knowing Him and His mercy and justice attributes sufficiently. The Great Creator never leaves the Earth alone. As He granted the people who lived in that period with the divine lights spread from His Prophet’s heart in the era of bliss, He spreads this divine lights and His mercy through the awliyaullah (saints) which are his inheritors today. This divine light of mercy will certainly continue shining until the judgment day.

Dear readers, Tasawwuf training constitutes the most important part of Islamic education. Because, it is nurturing of the heart. Therefore, I think it is very useful to know the Tasawwuf mentors who are the specialists of heart nurturing and the things they tried to explain to the society.


# The base of Tasawwuf education is relied on Ahl al-Suffa

As you can remember from my previous articles; Islamic Sciences consist of 5 main divisions. Qur’an and Interpretation, Hadith, Fiqh, Kalam, Tasawwuf and Morals. The science of Tasawwuf derived from the word “suffa” (hall). It is always considered together with the science of morality; because, there is an absolute connection between a pure and believing heart and social ethics.

The first science organization of Islam was a place, called “suffa”, consisted of a shelter covered with date palm leaves next to the mosque built by Rasulullah (s.a.w) after he had completed his hegira to Medina. Poor students without houses in Medina and the Muslims coming from other countries to learn Islam stayed there and these people were called “Ahl al-Suffa” or “Ashab Al-Suffa”. Those ashab (The companions of Muhammed s.a.w), whose number was reported to be up to 400 never left Rasulullah (s.a.w), used to perform salaat with him, enlightened with his conversations, spent all of their times on learning Qur’an, memorizing Hadith, teaching and learning Science. As Rasulullah (s.a.w.) ordered

“He who comes to this mosque of mine and he comes only to learn or teach a khayr (goodness), his status is like that of one who strives in the cause of Allah.”

Mescid-i Nebevî and Suffa parts of the mosque became a home of science. (1)

The statement of Sad bin abi Wakkas, who was a companion of Rasulullah (s.a.w.), as “The Rasulullah commanded some of us different numbers of different names. I couldn’t count on fingers so I tied 33 knots on a rope and started to count on it”(2) is the most clear proof that Rasulullah (s.a.w.) didn’t only teach them the applied sciences but also made them perform applications about spiritual sciences by zikr.


# The applications based on nafs and heart training started with Rasulullah (s.a.w.)

As it is reported by Abdullah ibn Abbas (r.a.):

“In the times of Allah’s messenger zikr was done aloud after the fardh salaads were finished!” (Buhari)

On the other hand Hazrat Ali said in order to explain Ashab-ı Kiram:

“So if the morning came, they would stand steadily as (swaying) tree does on a windy day. Their eyes would be bathed in tears. By Allah! It is as if I am now with people who have slept forgetful.” (Ibn Kesir, Ebu Nuaym)(3)

All of these represent that the Tasawwuf education started with Rasulullah (s.a.w.) but those nafs and heart training actions were left afterwards and they were continued by only dervishes who were taken bay’ah from Tasawwuf competent mentors.

Although tasawwuf took its name from Ashab al-Suffa, awliyaullah who are the inheritors of Rasulullah (s.a.w) were enlightened with the spiritual aspects through Abu Bakr al-Siddiq and especially Hazrat Ali who was the Shah-i Walayat more than the Suffa scientists who were trained there. Rasulullah ordered for Hazrat Ali:

I am the city of knowledge, Ali is its gate. Whoever wants knowledge should come to its gate.” (Tirmizi)


# The Tasawwuf Scientists who are called Murshid-i Kamil are the inheritors of Rasulullah

Hazrat Ali is trained under the nurturing of Rasulullah since his childhood, he was honored to be son-in-law of Rasulullah, and he learned both formal and spiritual sciences from him and was the one of the greatest intellectual, scientist and awliya of his time. That knowledge and divine light has survived until the present times passing from him through 12 imams and through the awliyaullah which most of them are Rasulullah’s grandchildren. Thus, Islam continues being a light of mercy for the entire humanity from the times of Adam alayhisssalam, maintaining its right level based on the integrity of heart and behavior.

Those beloved servants of Allah who were enlightened with material and spiritual knowledge, inspirations and virtues of Rasulullah were called awliya as well as the ones who were appointed for showing the true path were called Murshid-i Kamil. The competent guides of Tasawwuf who are called as Murshid-i Kamil are the inheritors of Rasulullah in terms of formal and spiritual sciences; they are the ones that Allah (swt) appointed for showing the human the true path. They are the links of the goodness chain continuing since Rasulullah. They are the spiritual leaders of the societies. Each of them was assigned by a spiritual order and permission. Each of them was also blessed with the characters and qualifications that their duty needed as Rasulullah. Therefore, they resemble the messengers of Allah (swt) in many of their specifications. However; the Prophets were saved from sins and warned by Angel Gabriel clearly on the condition that they were in a position of sinning, the awliyas were not provided with this opportunity. They are blessed with the gift of realizing their sins and swearing off.


# As they have the light of mercy, the one who sees them remembers Allah (swt)

Allah (swt) ordered in Qur’an for his awliya servants:

Behold! verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve. Those who believe and (constantly) guard against evil. For them are Glad Tidings, in the life of the present and in the Hereafter: no change can there be in the Words of Allah. This is indeed the supreme triumph.”(Yunus, 62, 63, 64)

Rasulullah (s.a.w.) said:

Surely, some of God blessed servants are neither Prophets nor Martyrs; they are special People, who on the Day of Reckoning, the Prophets and the Martyrs will envy them for their ranks and nearness to their God…”

“Those who are with them cannot be sinners” (1)

As they have manners, knowledge and advances in brief the light of mercy from Prophet Mohammed, the one who sees them remembers Allah (swt) immediately. And those who are dependent to them and be with them can never be sinners.

Be entrusted to Allah.


[1] Rehber Ansiklopedisi, ehl-i suffa bahsi, cilt 6, s.209

When Can Hair Extensions Be Good For You?

October 10, 2014 in Beauty by henrys beck

It is true that right now, we are experiencing a major short hair mania. With the popularity of this concept among celebrity women, many women and girls are showing interest towards short cuts. For a community of natural hair, short tress is a common thing and in fact, it is a part of the journey of women living in such a community. But, as like many other things in the pop culture, shorter tress is a very fleeting trend. Even though, it is short, we see that some celebrities have great-looking tress and what is the reason behind this? It is the fact that they are using hair extensions.

Health: Many people think that extensions are healthier for the original hair. But, this is not true in all cases. But, the safety and health can be assured when the hair extensions are purchased from a reliable source. When the purchaser is not careful about buying a quality product, there are even chances of serious problems like neurological conditions, apart from not very serious issues like breakage.

When buying, it is better to ensure that the purchase is made from a store, who deals with human hair extension to avoid problems in the future. When the right product is selected, it will promote the growth and thickness of the natural tress. But, for ensuring that the extensions can be suitable for an individual, she should toe a very delicate line. Here are some details about what should be done to get the right product:

Starting loose: It is better to ensure that the best hair extensions are not braided to the original tress too tight, when preparing for a full sew-in. Some women do tight braiding to make sure that the sew-in will last longer. But, it will be painful and there are also chances that it can create extension horror stories like neurological issues as well.

Moisturizing: In general, when the natural hair is kept moisturized, it will stay healthy. So, it becomes important that people using the best hair extensions, should make sure to moisturize their original tress for at least once a day. They can use an eye dropper for moisturizing, so that the wetness can penetrate underneath. Healthy oils like avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil can help in this respect.

Staying away from sulfates: When cleaning human hair extension, it is better to make sure that sulfate-free shampoo is used so that it will remain safe for the original hair.

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Be On Fast Track Avenue Of Health Improvement With Gyms In Perth

October 10, 2014 in Health & Fitness by Michael Lumb

Personal training in the health clubs of Perth is supposed to be the fastest as well as the smartest way of achieving balance in life. You can choose to be part of the streamlined fitness oriented facilities and become a better man. These programs are sending ripples all over the world because of the proper and streamlined fitness measurement facilities. With these impeccable fitness training solutions you can definitely expect your baseline fitness level to touch the zenith. Let’s take a very close look at how you are going to be on fast track avenue of health improvement with gyms in Perth

Augmentation of flexibility

The best part of personal training Perth is that you can avail the facilities for pros as well as beginners. Augmentation of flexibility is the surefire edge that you are going to achieve from these personal training programs. One of the best things about the gyms in Perth is that you are going to embrace high octane fitness levels without getting exposed to threat elements. At the same time there will not be any kind of limitations to bog you down. If you happen to have some past injuries you will overcome those. Your flexibility levels will be an object of surprise for all.

Fitness assessment programs

Fitness assessment programs are pretty important and indispensable parts of the gyms and fitness training centers in the heart of Perth. Trainers use these assessments programs in order to gauge your level of fitness. Once they are sure of your capacities and fitness levels then only they are going to prescribe certain sets of workouts and activities. These assessment programs are also important in terms of ascertaining your fitness goals and health status. You will be in a completely win-win situation in life because of these programs. Evaluate the success of fitness programs and track your personal training progress with these programs.

Individual sessions

Individual sessions are one of the fortes of these training programs. Health clubs Cockburn Perth are known to offer you individualized sessions which would ultimately result in better productivity and fitness level. Combining nutrition and fitness is another top draw with these fitness clubs or health clubs. Over here you get an inside scoop into the kind of food habits and health regimen that you should maintain. You really need to keep yourself abreast of the amazing improvements happening in the domain of personal training.

Epiclifestyle is a personal fitness trainer himself. He writes articles on personal training Perth to help his readers choose the right workout strategies.

Knowing Allah (swt) with His beautiful names

October 10, 2014 in Islam, Spirituality by Dr. Ismail Ulukus

Dear Readers,

One of the ways of knowing The Great Creator as our Islamic jurisprudence scientists stated is learning His beautiful names. As you can remember I wrote in one of my previous articles “Knowing an existence is achieved by understanding its characteristics, qualities and attributes. The more we know about the characteristics of an existence, the more we know and are familiar with it”. Many outstanding characteristics and attributes of our Allah (swt) became names for Him and He introduced Himself to us with these names in His book, Qur’an, which is a divine grace for us. Therefore, knowing and understanding these names are one of the best methods for knowing Allah (swt) without doubt.

It is ordered in Qur’an that:

“To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names” (Hashr, 24)

“The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on him by them; but shun such men as distort His names: for what they do, they will soon be requited.” (Araf, 180)

In Hadith, it is also ordered that:

“Allah has 99 beautiful names. Whoever memorizes them (believes and knows by heart) goes to Paradise(Buharî, Muslim)


# Names of Allah cannot be changed…

“The names of Allah cannot be changed. In other words, only names that are mentioned and allowed to be said about ALLAH (swt) in verses of Qur’an and hadiths can be used. No random names can be added. (Annotation of Testament of Birgivi)

The beautiful name Allah is the real name of Him. Therefore, it includes all of the beautiful qualities and divine attributes that the other names express. The other names express only their own meanings. Therefore, no other name can replace the name Allah.

The name Allah, which is a name peculiar to Almighty Allah only, has not been used for any being other than Him even metaphorically. That name cannot be given to anybody except Allah.”[1]

There is no drawback to giving other names to beings other than Allah; like giving the names Qadir, Jalal, etc. to people. However, it is better to add the word “abd”, which means slave, before those names when they are given to people; like Abdulqadir, Abdulkarim…


# Other names of Allah (swt)

“The names of Allah are not composed of only 99 names. In verses of Qur’an and hadiths, other names are attributed to Allah apart from these 99 names.

Some of the names attributed to Allah are as follows:

Al-Ehad instead of Al-Vahid; Al-Kahir instead of Al-Kahhar; Ash Shekûr instead of Ash-Shâkir; Al-Kafi, Ad-Daim, Al-Munewwer, As-Sıddık, Al-Muhît, Al-Karîb, Al-Vitr, Al-Fâtır, Al-Allâm, Al-Ekrem, Al-Mudebbir, Ar-Refî’, Zittavl, Zulmeâric, Zulfadl, Al-Hallâk, Al-Mevlâ, An-Nasîr, Al-Gâlib, Al-Hannân, Al-Mennân…

The name Allah was mentioned in Qur’an 2800 times. The name Rab was mentioned the most after Allah. It is mentioned 960 times. Rahman, Rahim and Malik are the most mentioned names in Qur’an after Rab. Those four names mentioned after Allah are named as Rububiyet Attributes of Allah (swt) in Surat Al-Fatiha.

The real meaning of Rab which contains meanings of nurturing, growing and raising is: The one who guards something until it reaches to its goal by raising it level by level.”[2].


# Asmaul Husna (The beautiful names of Allah (swt))

99 names which were written in the Hadiths are as follows:

Allah, ar-Rahman, ar-Rahim, al-Malik, al-Quddus, as-Salam, al-Mu’min, al-Muhaymin, al-Aziz, al-Jabbar, al-Mutakabbir, al-Khaliq, al-Bari’, al-Musawwir, al-Ghaffar, al-Qahhar, al-Wahhab,

ar-Razzaq, al-Fattah, al-Alim, al-Qabid, al-Basit, al-Hafid, ar-Rafi, al-Muiz, al-Mudhill, al-Basir, as-Sami’, al-Hakam, al-Adl, al-Latif, al-Khabir, al-Halim, al-Azim, al-Ghafur, ash-Shakur, al-Aliyy, al-Kabir, al-Hafiz, al-Muqit, al-Hasib, al-Jalil, al-Karim, ar-Raqib, al-Mujib, al-Wasi’, al-Hakim, al-Wadud, al-Majid, al-Baith, ash-Shahid, al-Haqq, al-Wakil, al-Qawiyy, al-Matin, al-Waliyy, al-Hamid, al-Muhsi, al-Mubdi, al-Muid, al-Muhyi, al-Mumit, al-Hayy, al-Qayyum, al-Wajid, al-Majid, al-Wahid, as-Samad, al-Qadir, al-Muqtadir, al-Muqaddim, al-Muakhkhir, al-Awwal, al-Akhir, az-Zahir, al-Batin, al-Wali, al-Mutaali, al-Barr, at-Tawwab, al-Muntaqim, al-Afuww, ar-Rauf, Maliku’l-Mulk, Dhu’l-Jalali wa’l-Ikram, al-Muqsit, al-Jami’, al-Ghaniyy, al-Mughni, al-Mani’, ad-Darr, an-Nafi’, an-Nur, al-Hadi, al-Badi’, al-Baqi, al-Warith, ar-Rashid, as-Sabur.

The meanings of some them are as follows:


•  “Ar-RAHMAN (The All Merciful)

He Who wills goodness and mercy for all His creatures in the pre-eternity; He Who gives innumerable bounties to all creatures that He created without making any discrimination between the ones He likes and those that He does not; He Who gives them all of the sustenance necessary for their lives…


•  Ar-RAHIM (The All Compassionate)

He Who shows excessive mercy; He Who rewards those who use the bounties He gives in a good way by giving them greater and endless bounties… It is understood from the name Ar-Rahman that Allah wanted goodness and mercy in the pre-eternity for all of the creatures that He created. As for the name Ar-Rahim, it expresses the manifestation of a special mercy for His creatures that have a will, especially for believers.


•  Al-MALIK (The Absolute Ruler)

The real owner and absolute ruler of all of the creatures… One Who is free, by virtue of His Own merits and characteristics; from depending on anything in existence, while everything in existence depends on Him. He is the real owner and the absolute ruler of the universe.


•  Al-QUDDUS (The Pure One)

He Who is free from all errors, ignorance, weaknesses, all kinds of imperfection and Who is very pure… Allah is free and away from all kinds of qualities that senses can understand and imagination can design. He is the one who is away from negligence, failure and any kind of deficiency and who is pure. He deserves all kinds of praise. The reality of cleanness that is present naturally in the universe is the manifestation of the name al-Quddus of Almighty God.” [3]

Each beautiful name of Allah (swt) written in Qur’an is a symbol of the deep meaning of one of His special attribute that covers all worlds. Accordingly, the one who knows those names with their meanings also knows His Allah (swt). Therefore, Rasulullah heralded the Paradise for the ones who can recite them. May Allah (swt) grant us being wise servants of Him who knows Allah in the best way.

Be entrusted to Allah.



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